Currently teaching at UCSC

Fall 2018 - ASTR 119 - Introduction to Scientific Computing

Teaching Assistant for T/Th 9:50-11:25am lectures and F 10:40-11:45am section

Lectures and sections are at Crown Computer Lab.

Most of our communication will be through UCSC's canvas course management system.

Sections are generally not mandatory, with the exception of the one code review you will need to do. That said, this is the best time to get individual attention (neither Zack nor I have office hours) and to work through homework assignments.

I'll try to regularly post helpful articles under the tag astro119.

Former teaching positions at UCSC

September 2018 - Astrostats WEST

Amanda Quirk, Christine O'Donnell, Paolo Turri and myself designed and taught a two-day inquiry lab on Bayesian inference in astronomy as part of the Institute for Science and Engineer Educators (ISEE) Professional Development Program. Notes for the workshop are available here.

Winter/Spring 2017 - ASTR 9 - Introduction to Research in Physics and Astrophysics

I was project mentor for the Milky Way Globular Cluster group.

Fall 2017 - ASTR 205 - Introduction to Astronomical Research and Teaching

I taught the latter half of Astronomy 205, which is a graduate course for first year astronomy students. The course focuses on how to be an effective teacher in a college classroom, and it covers domain-specific pedagogy from both an abstract and practical perspective. The class syllabus is available here.

September 2017 - Astrophysics WEST

I worked with Caitlin Julin and Kat Feng to design and teach a two-day inquiry lab on hydrogen spectroscopy.

Winter/Spring 2016 - ASTR 9 - Introduction to Research in Physics and Astrophysics

I was project mentor for the Milky Way Globular Cluster group. I also setup and administered a JupyterHub server for the class. My notes from the setup (quite likely outdated at this point) are available on GitHub.

Fall 2016 - ASTR 2

I was one of two teaching assistants for Astronomy 2, an overview of the main ideas in our current view of the universe. Intended primarily for non-science majors interested in a one-quarter survey of classical and modern astronomy.

May 2016 - Seeing and Knowing in Astronomy and Art

I worked with the Institute of the Arts and Sciences to put on a two-day workshop at Lick Observatory. I ran a session on data visualization in astronomy. The materials for the session are available on GitHub.

Fall 2015 - ASTR 3

Teaching assistant with Jonathan Fortney